Stormzy brings back Merky FC for a new season

Stormzy has once again teamed up with adidas to launch #Merky FC Football Careers Season 2, an initiative aimed at creating leadership opportunities in football for the Black community.

The program was originally created in response to the fact that currently only 6.7% of leadership positions in football are held by those with Black heritage. Through #Merky FC Football Careers, Stormzy and adidas hope to address the lack of fair access and representation for Black individuals looking to build careers in the sport.

The multi-year partnership will provide a career development program and job placements across various roles in football, at various businesses including professional football clubs and media outlets.

The brands and businesses working with Adidas and Merky FC this year

The first season of placements under #Merky FC Football Careers launched in November 2022 with 11 major brands participating. 15 Young black people from the UK earned jobs in the football industry as a result of Merky FC, and this year the second season will kick off in October 2023 with over 50 new placement opportunities.

Stormzy said “There’s still a massive gap in representation off the pitch”. He hopes the program will “create long-lasting change” and build a pipeline of future Black leaders in football. Adidas emphasized the importance of diversity and equal representation at all levels of the sport.

The initiative is the latest effort by Stormzy and adidas to increase inclusion and accessibility in football. Both have been outspoken advocates for racial equality in sport and society.

Watch the video below: